All young people in our communities are provided opportunities to successfully engage in education, training or employment.

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Highlands LLEN Career Hub Career Information Centre supports people of all ages especially in times of transition.

Highlands LLEN Career Hub is situated in the front of the Ballarat Learning Exchange (BLX) at 36 Camp Street. It is a bright and welcoming space that provides information that will improve your understanding of the work place, education pathways and the options available to you.

Highlands LLEN Career Hub is generally open from 10am to 5pm Monday - Friday. However it is best to make an appointment to ensure you can speak to a staff member.

Some of the resources available include:

Information on education and training:

Computer use:

Support whilst job searching:

Useful Career Resources:

 For more information please contact:

03 53365003

Lisa Howlett
WLC Program Coordinator - Team Leader

Lisa Howlett
03 5336 5018

Mick Prato
WLCP - Project Officer

Mick Prato
03 5336 5018

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