All young people in our communities are provided opportunities to successfully engage in education, training or employment.

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What is GROW Ballarat?

GROW: Growing Regional Opportunities for Work
GROW Ballarat is a three-year program that focuses on bringing together philanthropic, business, government and community organisations across the Ballarat region with the goal of creating sustainable employment opportunities for target cohorts of disadvantaged job-seekers. By the end of the three-year period, GROW Ballarat aims to create local jobs in Ballarat and its immediate surrounds and to develop a number of social procurement and investment projects to support ongoing economic and social prosperity across the region. The GROW philosophy believes that a prosperous community cares for the well-being of all of its members.

It's a long-term strategy that will benefit and strengthen the social and economic fabric of the entire G21 region over coming years. The GROW philosophy is that a prosperous community cares for the well-being of all of its members. GROW Ballarat was launched on the 17th of May 2018 by Regional Development Minister Jaala Pulford with Highlands Local Learning and Employment Network leading the implementation for Regional Development Victoria (RDV). The GROW initiative also has plans to roll out in Gippsland, Bendigo and Shepperton.

In 2014, the first GROW initiative was developed in response to the G21 Addressing Disadvantage Taskforce Report in which it was acknowledged that innovative, collaborative and evidence-based approaches were needed to tackle the problem of entrenched poverty and disadvantage in the Geelong region.

After four-years GROW G-21 (Geelong) has signed on more than 80 local businesses and organisations, which has created 80 jobs and led to a shift towards local spending valued at $20.21 million.

GROW is based upon evidence that suggests that the most effective way to improve outcomes for persistently disadvantage communities is to reduce unemployment rates within those areas, and by doing so, strengthen the social and economic fabric of the region.

How will GROW Ballarat achieve this?
The GROW compact aims to increase employment opportunities for disadvantage job-seekers by using the following principles:

  • Buy Local: to support local businesses to thrive and prosper in Ballarat, and in turn, keep money spent in our region.
  • Buy Social: to support socially driven purchasers and social enterprise suppliers coming together - building on business relationships that generate benefits to communities across Ballarat.
  • Offer employment pathways: Traineeships, apprenticeships, work placements and work experience help train people for real and accessible employment opportunities. This means that job seekers are equipped with the skills they require to meet job needs.
  • Employ from target areas: Focusing on equitable access to employment and helping to create strong, skilled and inclusive communities.
  • Business adopting GROW principles: By adopting our principles, buying local and buying social will become 'second nature' and will reinforce the ongoing prosperity of local business and ensure there are ongoing employment opportunities.

Early Adopters for GROW Ballarat
The following businesses have already committed: Petstock, Ballarat Health Services and Haymes Paint.

The Courier Article: Why its so important to grow jobs

For more information please contact:

Executive Officer
Jannine Bennett
03 4344 4154

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