All young people in our communities are provided opportunities to successfully engage in education, training or employment.

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SWL Program

Structured Workplace Learning Program (SWL Program)

There's nothing like on-the-job experience when it comes to thinking about career choices. Our SWL Program makes it possible for young people aged 15-19 to try out different jobs, meet local employers and gain beneficial work experience through SWL placements and SBATs.

Specifically, we will support schools, industry and the community to:

To download Guides & Forms relating to SWL (including the student SWL Record Book) Click Here

What is SWL Portal?

Structured Workplace Learning allows students to gain hands on skills related to the course they are studying at school. Employers provide training to assist students to master key competencies or skills. Placements for Structured Workplace Learning can be undertaken in one week blocks or on a one day a week basis.

The Structured Workplace Learning Portal arrived in 2016. The Portal helps young people find opportunities to develop vocation skills and experience to assist with their transition into the workforce. This website means schools and students can gain information on placement opportunities when they require it.

The Structured Workplace Learning Portal is making placements more accessible to schools/students and easier for them to consume. Placements will continue to be added by Highlands LLEN and employers therefore a diverse range of SWL placement opportunities will be available.

Benefits of the online Portal;

Schools are encouraged to utilise consumed opportunities on the Portal in a timely manner. Once an opportunity is consumed on the Portal the next step is the interview between the student and employer. Once complete, the Portal is updated to ensure all data is correct and opportunities for placements are not missed.

For further information and support please contact Lyndel Nash at the Highlands LLEN on

Mobile: 0400 564 839
Landline: (03) 4344 4151
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For more information please contact:

Structured Workplace Learning Coordinator
Lyndel Nash
03 4344 4151

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